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Michael Askill Lemurian Dances (1990)
  for percussion quartet (with audio playback)
  Spirals (2001)
  for percussion quartet  
John Buckley Endless the White Clouds...(2005)
  for solo harp  
Music for Solo Flute:
  Three Pieces for Solo Flute (1973),  
  Airflow [for Solo Flute] (1998),  
  Two Fantasias for Alto Flute (2004)  
  Guitar Sonata No. 2
John Carisi Springsville, arranged by Gil Evans as recorded by Miles Davis on Miles Ahead (1957)  
  facsimile edition of the original arrangement
Winsome Evans Johann Sebastian Bach: Six Sonatas and Partitas BWV 1001-1006,  
  Transcribed, with Embellishment, for Clavicembalo by  
  Winsome Evans (A4)
Peter Michael Hamel 3. streichquartett / 3. string quartet
  (Parts available upon request for hire)  
  streichtrio / string trio (1991/1992)
  violine, viola, violoncello  
  der sturz (the fall) / ballade (ballad)(1989/1990)
  music for percussion  
  die auflösung zweite sinfonie in fünf sätzen für chor und orchester / resolution/dissolution second symphony for choir and orchestra (2000-2007)  

100 pages A3 score & 50 pages A4 score for the choir and its conductor

  100 pages A3 score only
  viertes streichquartett in fünf teilen 'nachklänge' / fourth string quartet in five parts 'echoes'(1995/2000)
  morton feldman in my life (1994)
  for alto flute, violin, marimba and piano  
  vom klang des lebens / of the sound of life (1992-2006)
  ebenso ins offene / likewise into the open
  for violin solo  
Wilfried Hiller Buch der Sterne / Book of Stars (1962-2006)
  88 Sternbilder für die 88 Tasten des Klaviers  
  88 Constellations for the 88 Keys of the Piano  
Alan Hovhaness Sonata for Piano 'Prospect Hill' Op. 346 (1984),
  Sonata for Piano 'For Hiroshige's Cat' Op. 366 (1985),  
  Love Sounds Vanishing Into Sounds of Crickets Op. 327 (1984)  
Peter Orloff: Music Du / Jeder Junge braucht ein Mädchen
Michael Kunze:Lyrics    

Hans Otte

The Book of Sounds / Das Buch der Klänge
  Book of Hours / Stundenbuch
  (Special facsimile edition of the composer's autograph)  
Peer Raben Chansons
Barbara Thompson Three Quartets:
Saxophone Quartet No. 1 in Five Movements
  Saxophone Quartet No. 2 in Six Movements "From Darkness Into Light"  
  Saxophone Quartet No. 3 in Four Movements "Body Language"  
  Parts for all three saxophone quartets available upon request  


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