the project

Praised for its eloquent portrayal of the desert experience, Ken Gruen of New Frontier asserted, "Western Spaces is as mysterious and captivating as the land from which it takes its name." Keyboard was also impressed with the recording's potency: "This stuff doesn't just lie there simpering, it gets up and walks."

Western Spaces opens with The Breathing Stone, a spacious, shimmering aural excursion by Steve Roach. Kevin Braheny's Desert Walkabout is a celebration of the sense of freedom inspired by the timeless beauty of arid vistas. The two synthesists collaborate on Desert Prayer, a lyrical reflection that conveys a reverence for the serenity of this uncompromising landscape. Roach and Brennan's In The Heat Of Venus explores the mystery and sensuality of the extreme conditions that are always at play with one's perception and personal integrity in the desert. Roach, Braheny, and Burmer join forces on the title cut, an expansive musical commentary on infinite visions of bare rock and cloudless skies.

the artist

Acknowledged leaders of the West Coast electronic music scene, both Steve Roach and Kevin Braheny escaped the pressures of Los Angeles by trekking through the wilderness, especially California's Mohave Desert. In 1987, their mutual love of the American Southwest led to Western Spaces, a collaboration capturing the essence of the desert. The album has become a classic in the contemporary electronic music field, and has served as a model of inspiration for numerous other musicians.

Steve Roach and Kevin Braheny have collaborated on several projects devoted to the mystery and magnificence of the Southwest. In 1989, they released Desert Solitaire (17070-2) on Fortuna Records, joining forces with another respected Los Angeles synthesist, Michael Stearns. Steve Roach resides in Tucson, Arizona, where he continues to be inspired by the allure of the desert. With more that a dozen albums and several film scores to his credit, his reputation as one of America's finest synthesists has grown throughout the United States and abroad. Kevin Braheny resides in Los Angeles, where he builds his own equipment, and is a technical consultant to professional studios throughout the city.




1 The Breathing Stone 6'46"
2 Desert Walkabout 7'03"
3 New Moon At Forbidden Mesa 5'40"
4 Desert Prayer 12'33"
5 In the Heat of Venus 22'33"
6 The Slow Turning 7'40"
7 Western Spaces 6'07"
  Total Time: 68'51"